If you run a mailorder or a store, and you need to buy wholesale get in touch with me at jeetkunerecords@radiationrecords.net  or write directly to our main distributor Radiation Records through their website www.radiationrecords.net or info@radiationrecords.net for a fine and friendly service!

Otherwise here's a list of fine stores/dealers and bigger distributors in no particular order who might have some or all of all releases:

Radiation (Italy)
Born Bad Records (France)
Goodfellas (Italy)
Puke And Vomit (USA)
Hellnation (Italy)
Alpacha (Italy)
Soul Food (Italy)
Psych Out (Italy)
Avant! Mailorder (Italy)
Alien Snatch (Germany)
Savage Records (Sweden)
Ken Rock (Sweden)
Hands And Arms (France)
Les Disques Steak (France)
Killed by An Axe (France)
Get Hip (USA)
Welfare Records (USA)
Burger Records (USA)
Used Records (Greece)
All Ages Records (UK)