Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is Tina (Intellectuals, Cokerocket, TJ and the Lipstix, Felt Ups) and Cristina (Capputtini 'i lignu, TJ and the Lipstix) taking a break from the wild, wild world of punk and fooling around with their favourite traditional country and western tunes. Guitars, tambourines, toy keyboards, kazoos, whistles, bird calls, and bones are just a few key elements of their signature sound, but it's the lowpitch vocal harmonies that are the real trademark of this melancholic duo. They have recently been joined by friend and great musician Sam Crawford (The Goodwill Orchestra, Bowery Boy Blue), who merrily picks his banjo and sings alongs. Corpus Christi sounds like Harry Smith's secret recording stash, a cartoon-like Carter Family of the new millennium, singing "King kong kitchie kitchie ki-me-o!" the whole way home!
we specialize in weddings, funerals and children birthdays.

HERE you'll find the pre-mix of one of the tunes we recorded at Audiodivision in september. The Lp, mixed and mastered by Lou Chano and Sam Crawford, will be out in january 2012 on Jeetkune Records. Besides a few tunes by Corpus Christi, it features small gifts by girlfriend musicians from around the world (Elodie Moreau, Sophia Travis, Mushy, Julie Normal et al.).

Last september Corpus Christi played Flash trash festival in Helsinki, there is a tape (limited to only 100 copies)  that features unreleased songs from all bands that participated to the festival (including Corpus Christi version of Ring of fire and Knoxville girl). Check out Flash trash blog here and get a copy of the tape!

This is the flyer for a show we played on Hank Williams birthday in Stockholm
(courtesy of Savage and Beat families)

We also played Stockholm during Midsommar 2011 for the great festival Whole lotta midsommar,
along with friend/bands Capputtini 'i lignu and TJ and the lipstix

A ceviche party with corpus Christi...

Get Corpus Christi's first album only on cassette from our beloved friends at ShitMusicforShitPeople HERE
Lovely cover art by roman artist TSO

The flyer from the first gig with Sam!

The poster for the relase party of "Charity and Chastity"

hanging out in Tuscany

First tour for Corpus Christi

This is one tune from the first Corpus Christi album, Charity and chastity, on SMSP.